The Fourth Sunday of Lent

photo by Alice Popkorn on

photo by Alice Popkorn on


How did we end up here… in a strange place, in an unfamiliar land, building a life from dust and shards of memory?
Lord have mercy.
Lord have mercy.

Through the haze of forgetfulness the dawn begins to break over the horizon.  How long have we been living in the dark?
Christ have mercy.
Christ have mercy.

The love of the Divine Parent shines on our hope starved hearts and faith blooms.  We are saved.
Lord have mercy.
Lord have mercy.

Opening Prayer/Collect

Everlasting Light,
your people found themselves lost, abandoned, forsaken…
strangers in a strange land.
How could we know our story had only begun?!
For You so loved the world
You sent Your Son, our brother,
a bright light illuminating the shadows.

Help us to remember our true home
not in a certain neighborhood or country
but in You.
Save us from our hate and prejudice
by transforming it with the Light that makes us all one.

We pray this through Christ Jesus, our salvation,
who lives and reigns with You,
and the Flame of Spirit,
now and forever.


Prayer of Thanksgiving

God be with you!
And also with you!
Lift up your hearts.
We lift them up the Lord.
Let us give thanks to our loving God.
It is right to give God thanks and praise.

Indeed, our voice cannot be silenced
because we sing praise for your faithfulness
during a time when we did not yet know how to be faithful.
Thanksgiving overflows from our mouths because
you planted Your Word in our hearts.
Even when we were in exile
from all that was comfortable and familiar
the seed of Life waited
for fertile ground
and the breeze of spring
to burst forth.
How faithful you are!
Loving God,
We give you thanks and praise!

 Lectionary Readings

Please, use or modify these prayers! That’s why they’re here. If you use them in corporate worship settings, though, please give a girl credit and include the address of this blog (©Jessica Gazzola, in your program, bulletin or liturgical text.

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